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We’re currently building the topic / publishing guidelines.  Until then the kind of topics that we’re looking for are:

  • Data supported UX split tests.
  • Results and advice about UX design, based on personal experience.
  • Career advancement advice specifically targeted at the UX audience.
  • Talent acquisition related topics for employers.
  • Personal description of major steps, tools, and software used in work flows.
  • Data supported opposition of popular opinion.

There is some minor compensation.  Flat rate + quality/relevance + length + engagement.

A really good example would be to take a popular topic/article like “say no to portfolios” and present the opposite view, well supported with data.  If you’re going through a job search, write about your experience, you can detail the variables you use to decide which jobs to pursue.  If you’re an employer/recruiter, you can write about the variables you look for when going through applicants.

If you would like to write for us:

  • Create an account on the blog
  • Send me an email: info @ uxjobs247.com
  • Get in touch with me on Skype: tahir.khawaja71

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