Top design will be de-bossed on the covers of 20 Sketchy Notebooks.


1. Put the graphic in the grey area of the template.

2. Black and White thick line art > 1pt is best.

3. Text must be outlined and broken apart as a graphic element.

4. The design must contain "".

Download Template

Prizes for Design Submitters Only

  • 1st Prize

    4 Sketchy Notebooks with Winning Design

  • 2nd Prize

    3 Sketchy Notebooks with Winning Design

  • 3rd Price

    2 Sketchy Notebooks with Winning Design

Download the template, design your entry, and then. . ...

SketchyNotebook is for YOU

How it all started...

Like most artists, when I have an idea for something I just want to write it down or draw it out as quickly as possible so I don’t forget. The problem is, often times when I want to sketch something out I find myself hesitating because I’m reluctant make neat and orderly pages look messy and unorganized.

Sometimes I just want to doodle, sometimes I want to do mockups for websites, and other times I want to sketch up iPhone apps or just write down ideas. Sure, there are preprinted template notebooks out there with grids, dots and lines, but all the printed lines and grids distract me and make it difficult to get my idea down exactly as I envision it.

Preprinted lines and on-page templates in most notebooks inhibit my freedom and my creativity. I would use a blank sketchbook for my creative drawings but it lacks the precision I need for daily use.

Bottom line is this: I just love blank page paper but I also like having guidelines. What if I can just take the qualities that I need from both worlds and get rid of everything else?

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