Content Writing Guidelines is a narrowly focused User Experience blog that aims to provide relevant creditable quality content to our readers.  To attain this goal, we have provided content writing guidelines.

These guidelines aim to:

  • provide writers some tips to keep in mind while writing contents for our blog
  • provide ideas on how writers can improve writing quality and structure
  • address the level of formality needed in writing contents to communicate in a professional manner
  • present information that will help writers to get started with their content / article.

To Start Writing, an Author should think about:

  • Who is your audience? (User Experience)
  • What do they want from this blog?
  • What can you offer to your audience? Why would they read your content?
  • What is the purpose of your article?
  • What words would your target audience use?

General Principles in Writing Quality Content:

  • Keep in mind that content must be written for the reader, not for the writer.
  • Do not be afraid of simplicity. Use plain English in writing. Don’t use strange words or impenetrable phrases, just simple and familiar words.
  • Produce content that can be easily scanned. Just like an inverted pyramid, write your main point at the beginning then expound it. Readers are scanning and searching for information mostly at the top of the page or in each paragraph.
  • Write short sentences and paragraphs with the use of positive language.
  • Write your content concisely. Don’t waste words but be generous with information.
  • If you will be including history or background in your content, trim it down as much as possible. We don’t want our readers to get bored.
  • Less is more. Eliminate redundant words. Get to the point. Avoid hype, be realistic. Readers want information.
  • Avoid the use of passive voice. Use action words. Tell your readers what to do. Keep the flow of your content moving.
  • Share your expertise and give practical examples, tips or techniques so readers can easily follow and apply what they will be learning from your article.
  • Remember that the quality of content is more valuable than the quantity or length of your written work.
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